Temporary Staffing

To avoid interruption in patient care, we offer coverage for Sonographer vacations, medical leave, increased patient volume load, and vacant staff positions.

Permanent Staffing

 We provide these services to meet the needs of your facility. Coverage for Part-time and PRN positions is available. 

Flexible Scheduling

Choose from one to five days a week. Full day, half day, morning, or afternoon.  We only require a four hour minimum number of hours per day.  

IAC Lab Accreditation Assistance

Lab accreditation is a voluntary process. However, Medicare and other insurance providers have enacted policies that require completion of this process for reimbursement.  We can assist in the process, or we can provide temporary coverage while your staff completes the accreditation process.   

Ultrasound Lab Development

We can assist in recommendations for the proper equipment to fit the clinical needs of your practice. We have experience in setting up systems that are fully compatible with web based delivery and access.

Staff Resources

Our professional staff is available to answer all clinical and technical questions during and after regular working hours.  

Professional Liability Insurance

All Sonographers are covered by professional and general liability insurance as well as Workers Compensation insurance.

Credentialed By Intellicentrics

Universal digital credentials help hospitals and medical clinics define, communicate, and document compliance requirements and expectations for every visitor, no matter what their role might be. It’s used by more than 700,000 medical suppliers and healthcare practitioners to simplify credentialing, verification, and access … to more than 10,000 registered locations of care, worldwide.